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In Brazil, coffee wrapped in daily newspaper shows off its freshness

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Café Pelé teamed up with a daily newspaper to show how quickly its fresh products arrive in supermarkets.

Many shoppers want to buy the freshest produce, but knowing how long your food takes to get to your plate or cup has been almost impossible with big brand products. But now, Brazilian coffee company Café Pelé has teamed up with the local daily newspaper to show just how fresh their coffee is.

The coffee producers wrap their products in pages from that morning’s Estado de São Paulo newspaper before putting them on display in supermarkets. Around 5,000 bags of coffee beans are sealed in the early hours of the morning in the front pages of the Brazilian daily, then sold alongside copies of the newspaper, according to the website B9.


On Café Pelé’s Facebook page, the company said: “Café Pelé and Estado de São Paulo together, in the same package, deliver a product that is always fresh for you.”

What other products — which are best when it’s fresh — can be wrapped in daily newspapers?



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