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Natal Brazil | Photo source Pedro Menezes on Unsplash

Startup automates long-term rentals in Brazil

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Quinto Andar’s digital platform seeks to change what has traditionally been a frustrating experience in Brazil

Spotted: Brazilian startup Quinto Andar has developed a digital automation system for realty rentals. Visits are scheduled via an app and contracts signed with digital signatures. Guarantors and deposits are replaced with the firm’s own guarantee for clients with a good credit score. The company claims it reduces property rental times from one month down to three days.

The goal is to simplify the rental process for tenants and landlords, especially in places where renting has not been easy. Founder Gabriel Braga was motivated by what he saw as a frustrating long-term rental process in Brazil’s larger cities.

“Brazilians understand the pain that is renting, the need to find a guarantor or a deposit, but Americans for example may not understand what we were trying to address straight away,” Braga told Forbes.




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