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Brazilian tricycle distributes books to disadvantaged communities

Nonprofit & Social Cause

The Bicicloteca is a tricycle adapted to function as a mobile library, distributing books to disadvantaged areas in Brazil.

Collecting and distributing books to disadvantaged areas of society can present logistical problems, but the Institute of Green Mobility in Brazil have found a simple solution with Bicicloteca, a tricycle adapted to function as a mobile library. The tricycle was created to bring books to homeless people, those living in areas with no access to a library or education, or those who cannot afford books. It serves as a lightweight mode of transport, able to navigate squares and hard to reach places without the need for a driving license or generating fuel costs. It has the capacity to carry 150kg of books, which are received by donation and stamped to remind the reader to pass them on, creating a continuous cycle of reading and presenting a less “bureaucratic” method of lending books. The Institute of Green Mobility will loan the Bicicloteca to NGOs working with communities without access to libraries, who must send in a formal request and are prioritised by those working with groups most “at risk”. Training is given on how best to approach people with the library and how to perform monthly maintenance. Bicicloteca is an example of how the goals of one organization (promoting green transport) can successfully collaborate with the needs of another (encouraging social inclusion). The scheme exists in communities around Brazil and has inspired similar programs in other countries. Could this model work in a community near you? Spotted by: Marcelo Brescia



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