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Silent breast pump

Breast pump gives mothers flexibility and privacy

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A silent discrete breast pump that fits into a nursing bra enables mothers to pump with convenience and privacy.

Breastfeeding remains a taboo process for some. Nursing mothers will often use breast pumps to produce milk to feed their infants at a later point. However, even breast pumps can have a problematic impact on a mother’s life.

UK-based Elvie commissioned their own research to understand how mothers feel about breast pumps. Mothers were abandoning breast pumps because they were deemed too loud. This led to mothers removing themselves from social or work situations to operate a pump. Also, using cumbersome pumps can prevent them users from multitasking, causing time constraints on other tasks. Elvie used this feedback to inspire the design of the world’s first silent breast pump.

The Elvie pump is small and designed to fit inside a nursing bra. It’s also connected to an app that allows users to activate the pump via their smartphones. Pumping, therefore, becomes a hands-free process. This contrasts with manual pumping, which restricts the mother’s activities. The combination of silent, discrete pumping and app activation allows mothers to pump in any setting. This helps reduce stigma against breastpumping in public.

The device’s design also keeps practicality in mind. The pump consists of five easily cleanable parts and is USB chargeable. It comes with two different sized ‘breast shields’ (with a third size available for additional cost) that enables the device to fit comfortably on a range body types.

Elvie recently acquired an NHS partnership in the UK for their biofeedback Kegel trainer. The company aims to create technologies specifically aimed at improving women’s health. The pump, launching October 2018, will retail at 229 GBP. Each pump comes with a BPA-free bottle.

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