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Discreet breathing sensor

Breathing sensor reveals cognitive and emotional state

Health & Wellbeing

A US company has created sensors that identify the cognitive and emotional state of a user by measuring their breathing.

US company Spire creates sensors for measuring breathing to empower people to take control of their mental and physical health. Users can attach it to the clothes they wear the most and it will monitor both breath and heart rate inflection points. Spire claims the Health Tag is the world’s smallest consumer tag. It’s also discrete and does not require charging as its batteries last up to a year and a half.

After collecting data from the wearer, the Spire Health Tag uses advanced algorithms to classify the breathing patterns. These classifications are created based on data from laboratory studies relating to respiration and cognitive and emotional states. Having classified the breathing pattern, the Spire Health Tag can determine the wearer’s cognitive and emotional state. It relays this information to the wearer via an accompanying Spire app to help improve sleep, reduce stress and encourage an active lifestyle. In addition, the app allows users to view their progress metrics over time.

Jonathan Palley, co-founder and CEO of Spire, said: “We created Spire Health Tag with the belief that the health wearable should be completely invisible unless it has something important to tell you in-the-moment. Only by making the wearable disappear can the industry drive better outcomes.”

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