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Corruption revealed by the crowds via geo-tagging app

Nonprofit & Social Cause

It’s not often that we see a mobile app with a truly innovative purpose. However, applying mobile mapping in a more unconventional way, we’ve recently spotted Bribespot, an app that lets smartphone users report geo-tagged instances of bribery, along with the size of the bribe and the area of government affected. Currently available for Android (an iPhone version is coming soon), Estonian Bribespot lets users reveal and visualize the corruption that exists around them. The app automatically determines the user’s location and then pinpoints and displays reported instances of bribery nearby. For more detail, the app’s “bribe stream” reveals specifics about each bribe, including how it was requested or paid, how much it was and who was involved. When users encounter bribery themselves, meanwhile, they can also use the app to report it anonymously. We’ve already seen apps such as Hollaback using mobile technology to tackle social issues. Now there are a whole range of causes out there still waiting to be given a helping hand by innovative app developers! (Related: Text notifications warn customers away from restaurants at riskApp for shoppers rates how brands address forced & child labourDutch city launches iPhone app for lodging civic complaints.) Spotted by: Agur Koort



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