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Furniture guaranteed for 300 years

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We may live in a world of fast food, fast fashion and fast-moving change, but it’s starting to look like things may be slowing down. Earlier this year we wrote about Welsh brand Howies and its line of clothing intended to be passed down through generations, and since then we learned of Brikolör, a brand-new Swedish company that designs its furniture to last 300 years. Debuted last month at the International Furniture Fair in Milan, Brikolör aims to manufacture furniture “with a guaranteed emotional and technical durability of 300 years.” A variety of colourful pieces created from ash and larch make up Brikolör’s current six-prototype line, with prices ranging from EUR 500 for a varnished Älta-Älta stool to EUR 8,000 for a pattern-stained Hägg cabinet. There’s nothing like a recession and a focus on environmental sustainability to make consumers value longevity. Fast, you’re history; lasting value, you’re here to stay! 😉



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