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Woman wearing makeup | Photo source from Pexels

British doctor creates acid-proof makeup

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Acarrier makeup seeks to protect women from acid attacks by creating a protective layer over skin

Spotted: British doctor has created acid-proof makeup to help women protect themselves from potential attacks. The makeup works like a type of “body armour” and is the first of its kind, according to its creator, Dr. Almas Ahmed.

Dr. Ahmed created Acarrier makeup (the name is a combination of “acid” and “barrier”) after hearing about an acid attack. Acarrier makeup is acid-proof and water-proof, according to tests.

“The beauty of it is that no-one knows you’re wearing it. It looks, feels, smells, just like regular make-up, yet it’s completely heat-proof and acid-proof,” Dr. Ahmed told inews. She has been working on the makeup for the past ten years. It is currently being tested and she plans to start selling it in 2020. There is a GoFundMe page to help finance the process.



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