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Brooklyn grocer sticks to local products


Two days ago, we covered a Brighton grocer who only sells products produced within 50 miles of his store. Opening today on the other side of the Atlantic, is a Brooklyn establishment that operates on a similar premise. Urban Rustic, located in Williamsburg, is a grocery store and café that aims to connect local urbanites with local farmers and producers, much like farmers’ markets do. The store will primarily sell food and dry goods produced less than 100 miles from Brooklyn. Anything from farther afield will be sourced from sustainable sources. One of the shop’s founders is Aaron Woolf, who produced and directed King Corn, a documentary about America’s most productive and most subsidized grain. It’s no surprise, then, that Urban Rustic is well-stocked with stories: from details about its upstate New York apple and arugula farmers, to the provenance of the store’s timber, sustainably milled from Woolf’s own property in the Adirondacks. More uber-local grocers to follow soon, no doubt! Contact: 236 N. 12th Street, Williamsburg


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