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Beer-brewing kits for homes with limited space

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Home beer-brewing kits may produce superlative results, but they also tend to take up superlative amounts of space. Therein lies the raison d’etre for Brooklyn Brew Shop, which sells a variety of diminutive kits aimed at apartment-dwellers and others with limited quarters. Each kit from New York-based Brooklyn Brew Shop was designed with “the typical New York apartment in mind,” the company says, taking up less than one square foot while in use. They’re also crafted from glass with aesthetics in mind so that users won’t feel compelled to hide them away from view. A one-gallon kit plus mix from Brooklyn Brew Shop is priced at USD 40, while a five-gallon kit including mix is USD 125. As the success of the single-serve portion has already shown, there’s money to be made by downsizing and adding a splash of style to a variety of consumer goods. Time for an apartment-sized version of *your* brand’s best-sellers…? (Related: Bar innovation enables sampling and display of high-end beersDIY wine-blending kitSpiral-shaped wine cellars for every home.) Spotted by: Bret Annis



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