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Inflatable car booster seat for kids

Mobility & Transport

UK law requires that children under the age of 12 travel with a booster seat to help avoid serious injury in the event of a collision, and similar laws apply in countries around the world. Normally made of hard plastic, these seats are bulky and difficult to transport, so many children go without proper safety provision when travelling in other people’s cars, rental cars and taxis. Enter BubbleBum, an inflatable, safety-approved car booster seat, providing a lightweight, portable alternative to its cumbersome counterparts. Launched in December 2009 and claimed to be a world’s first, the patent-pending BubbleBum booster seats fold flat when deflated, making them easy to carry in rucksacks or handbags and convenient to take on holidays, school trips or car pooling. The BubbleBum booster seat is priced at GBP 24.99 and can be purchased through the company’s website. BubbleBum is currently negotiating distribution deals with several large retailers in the UK, Ireland and North America, as well as a travel company. Given the increasingly mobile lifestyles of parents, the demand for travel-friendly child safety solutions is surely on the rise. Get on board now and strap in for a rewarding ride! (Related: For parents on the go, folding high-chair made of cardboard.) Spotted by: Mark Nagurski



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