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Build-your-own energy kit teaches kids about electricity

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The Qmod Energy Kit teaches children about everyday sources of power and includes a card game and tips for running experiments, including coding.

Dedicated to making learning about clean energy fun and accessible, the Qmod team has created an Energy Kit. Based around an energy block that charges devices as well as teaches about electricity, the kit also includes a card game, power cords and suggestions for designing and running experiments.

The kit encourages users to let their imaginations run wild and find the many ways power can be gathered from everyday items, including plants and waste products. Once the energy block is fully charged, users can put it to use in a number of ways. The company is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and hopes to ship the first kits in October 2017.

Learning by doing is becoming an increasingly accessible route into technology and business for students. A coding startup offers three build-your-own kits for creating a camera, light board or speaker, and a game that combines touchscreen technology with physical play helps children understand what goes into running a business. How else could hands-on learning be used to strengthen a student’s educational path?



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