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Dutch company takes pop-up dining to the great outdoors

Food & Drink

Regular readers of Springwise will already be familiar with the many innovations we’ve seen in the restaurant industry, from an eatery with iPad based menus, a café stocked with 1,500 board games, and dog and child friendly cafés. In a similar vein to Street Dinner, Dutch company Buitengewoon In Het Land is now offering a ‘wall-less’ dining experience outside. A major difference with Street Dinner however, is that Buitengewoon In Het Land’s pop-up dining experiences occur in countryside areas of natural beauty. Accommodating over 100 guests, the sites are selected and the events and menus are planned in collaboration with regional producers, landowners and restaurant owners. Once the site has been chosen, the five-course dinners are then created by chefs using seasonal produce from the local area. Subscribers to the website are emailed updates on the location of the next dinner, who the head chef will be, and when the dinner will take place — with the season running from June to September. As well as proudly describing the quality of the friendly service, Buitengewoon In Het Land also reassures diners that they never need to worry about wet weather, as a back up site such as a greenhouse or stable is always ready on hand. Buitengewoon In Het Land translates as ‘Outstanding in the field’, and by working closely with local producers and owners, it certainly has strong ecological credentials to match the name. One to be inspired by! Update: Some of our readers have quite rightly pointed out that Buitengewoon In Het Land was inspired by US-based Outstanding In The Field. This Dutch version of the concept declares itself as a development of the original idea. How could you add a local spin for your version of the concept? Spotted by: Bjorn Verbrugghe



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