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Social network helps commuters meet others on the go

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We’ve seen a variety of businesses launched to help travellers connect during the course of their journey — KLM and Air France’s Bluenity, for example — but relatively little offering similar capabilities for daily commuters. Now, however, there’s, an online community for people on the go. Users of begin by signing up with the free service and creating a profile or signing in through Facebook Connect. They can then enter any upcoming travel plans — whether it’s the daily commute or a longer trip — and will automatically tell them which other users are travelling in close proximity. From there, users can browse the profiles of those fellow travellers, send messages and connect in person; they can also share tips, photos and recommendations about everything from new routes to new restaurants. California-based explains: “Every time we travel, we cross paths with people who could potentially enrich our lives. But oftentimes, we’re missing an outlet that allows us to connect, network and interact.” The site is designed to offer just that; in fact, “why not start a book club on the subway?” it suggests. Ad-supported supports real-time transit alerts for many rail systems as well, including New York City’s MTA, Chicago’s CTA, Boston’s MBTA and Canada’s VIA Rail. Meanwhile, a mobile app for is coming soon, as is a developer API. One to help bring to other parts of the world? (Related: Trip-planning site helps find others to travel the world withConnecting airline travellers for a shared cabLondoners share lifts to Luton airportEnhanced networking for business travellersSympvertising and secrets for business travellers.) Spotted by Maria Dahl Jørgensen



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