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Bungee jump for high-end thrill-seekers

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It’s a superlative world out there for premium-minded consumers, where nothing but the best, the most and the highest will do. Picking up on that last notion quite literally, the Macau Tower now offers the world’s highest commercial bungee jump, sure to deliver a superlative dose of adrenalin to even the worldliest experience seeker. The jump platform at Macau Tower is a full 233 meters high, placing the inaugural jump at its December 2006 launch into the Guinness World Records. Hardy jumpers who make the leap experience about 4 to 5 seconds of freefall—at speeds of up to 200 kilometres per hour—before stretching the 50 meter bungee cord nearly four times its unloaded length and rebounding at approximately 30 meters above the ground. The tower uses a guide cable system, allowing bungee jumpers to safely experience a few rebounds before slowly landing onto a specially designed airbag. Pricing is MOP 1,088 (USD 135 / EUR 92), which includes a certificate, membership card and souvenir T-shirt. Jumping from Macau Tower is certainly not for the faint of heart, but it is tailor-made for thrill-seeking consumers who want to experience the ultimate versions of everything. It’s also further evidence that “best,” “most” and “highest” can always be done one better. Success, thy name this year is premiumization! 😉 Spotted by: Bjarke Svendsen



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