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Bus brings banking services to customers in rural areas

Mobility & Transport

Spain's Bankia has launched mobile branches, with the aim of offering its financial services to those in rural locations.

Boston’s City Hall To Go scheme has seen the municipality’s administrative services placed on wheels to reach those in the suburbs, and now Spain’s Bankia hopes to do the same for its financial services, with the aim of helping out those in rural locations.

Due to the financial crisis several years ago, the bank was the subject of a EUR 19.2 billion bailout by the Spanish government and had to close many of its smaller branches, often located in the suburbs and countryside. In order to ensure its customers in those regions can still access important financial services without having to travel to the next town, the bank has created traveling branches that go straight to the customer. Visiting 17 towns in the Valencia region a few times a month, the buses are fitted with deposit and withdrawal facilities, as well as tellers to help deal with queries.

The Bankia buses are an example of a business that is willing to put in the hard work and go direct to the customer in order to maintain its userbase. Are there other services that could be made mobile to reach a greater audience?

Spotted by: Murray Orange



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