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Butler rental service provides catered picnics in Amsterdam

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We’ve covered numerous innovations designed to enliven and re-imagine the picnic experience, from balloon delivered pizza picnics to picnics on snow covered mountain slopes. Now, however, Butler For Hire is aiming to make the traditional picnic altogether less stressful. Netherlands-based Butler For Hire’s service runs from April to August in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Upon receiving a booking, a butler is sent to the park to set up the picnic, consisting of crystal glasses, picnic rugs, china crockery, pillows, and a menu of hams, cheeses, breads, jams, chicken legs, salads and wine. All of this is available for EUR 30 per person. For those who like to picnic in style, extras are available at an additional charge, such as Prosecco, champagne, lobster, oysters, prawns, shrimps and salmon. Once the picnickers have put aside their desire for food and drink and are ready to go home, a phone call to Butler For Hire signals it is time for the butler to return and clear up. In addition to the picnics, Butler For Hire can provide dinner and breakfast services, providing the same level of personal care at home. Services such as these can often leave the user with a sense of exclusivity and elevated status, which carries huge appeal. How could you offer a premium brand butler service to boost your attractiveness to those craving a little personal care?



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