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Pre-worn jeans repaired and resold to create ‘broken in’ look

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Faced with an increasingly crowded market, fashion brands jostling for recognition can always rely on sky-high prices to create demand for their wares. However, French label A.P.C is taking a different approach. Although their regular collections are well respected amongst fashion aficionados, a new range of customized pre-worn jeans is blurring the traditional boundaries between second hand clothing and new fashion products. With a new store in New York focusing primarily on their classic denim range, A.P.C are also introducing a range of pre-worn ‘Butler Jeans’ — as reported by the New York Times. Drawing on the ‘one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure’ ethos, the store will offer a new service reaching out to owners of old A.P.C jeans. Those who prefer their jeans to look new will be able to return their worn jeans and buy a new pair at cost. The old pair will then be stitched up and repaired in any way necessary, marked with the initials of the previous owner, and then sold on to customers who prefer their jeans to have a ‘worn in’ look. The name comes from a nineteenth century custom of the English aristocracy where butlers would break in their masters’ trousers in an effort to help them avoid appearing nouveau riche. A.P.C certainly have status as a fashion label, but faced with stiff competition they may have also found a status story to get their wearers talking again. (Related: T-shirts saved with handstitched lettering & sold to new ownersFrom recycled leather scraps, purses with a story One-of-a-kind kids’ clothes, locally made from reclaimed discards.)



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