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Button can order anything from delivery pizza to groceries


Kwik can be installed in homes for instant reordering of regularly used services, from diapers to takeaways meals.

One-click ordering has made it simpler for people to put in orders for groceries or supplies they use on a regular basis. But a service is planning to bring brands and goods even closer to the home, with a one-push button that can be configured to re-order just about anything.

Kwik offers households a physical button that immediately orders an e-commerce product, such as groceries or diapers. Customers connect their Kwik button to a wifi network, enter their details into the companion app, and select what items they will re-order using the button. The Amazon Dash already offers this push-to-order service, but Kwik says their platform is more open and will enable brands to develop a closer relationship with customers. Brands such as Dominos and Huggies have already signed up.

The Israel-based company says it connects existing ordering networks of brands to any delivery or payment service used by the customer. It also provides data about the user’s ordering habits. Kwik says the button means “any retailer or service provider can offer a one-click solution”.

How else can push-to-order become a regular feature of household shopping?



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