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Cadbury Cocoa Houses, now launching in the UK


It was back in 2004 that we first got whiff of an emerging cocoa trend, promising an alternative to the current Starbucks-induced coffee and tea madness. That was right about when British Cadbury was opening its Cadbury Cocoa House in Bath — a concept that apparently didn’t ultimately take hold — but now the concept is being reborn as a brand-new series of cocoa houses across the UK. With a first shop just opened in Kent’s Bluewater shopping centre, Cadbury Cocoa Houses are slated to spread to Wales next year, according to a report in WalesOnline. Each venue will feature hot and chilled chocolate drinks and a rotating menu created with the help of Welsh restaurateur and food critic Simon Wright; featured items include traditional afternoon tea, bacon butties and knickerbocker glories. “Wherever possible we’ve insisted on using local producers to keep the concept British,” said David Morris, one of the co-founders behind the idea. “You won’t find French, Italian or American items on the menu.” Up next will be another eight to 10 stores opening next year in Wales. There’s something inspiring about seeing an older brand like Cadbury tapping into concepts like the being space and the (still) made here trend. Will Cadbury Cocoa Houses be able to take on Starbucks and its ilk? Only time will tell. In the meantime, it’s another bit of proof that what’s old really can be made new again. One to watch! Spotted by: Wales Online via Sara Fox



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