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Caller ID app displays social media info about contacts


CallApp harnesses social media data to offer information about the person calling, even if their details are not stored.

A while ago we wrote about Herold, the Austrian directory service which delivers the country’s contact details to smartphones so users know who is calling. Harnessing social media data, CallApp is now embellishing this concept by displaying personalized relevant information about the caller. The app connects phone numbers to their corresponding social media profiles – if they are publicly available – and displays information on screen when a phonecall is made or received. A contact’s name, location, email, job details and photo can be pulled up and any online or mobile history connected to the caller is also displayed. For businesses, information such as maps, menus and reviews are also provided. The app offers tools to interact with the contact, from setting a reminder to organizing a meeting, which is incorporated into the displayed details. The app could be useful for both personal and business users, who wouldn’t have to spend time extracting information and allows them to determine how valuable the contact may be to them. The following video explains more about the app: CallApp places the most relevant available information about a caller in one place during the call, cutting out work for the recipient and increasing productivity. On top of this, the information is personalized depending on the history users have with each specific caller. How else can online information be usefully collated to help us learn more about each other? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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