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Website invites homeowners to rent out their gardens as campsites

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Regular readers of Springwise may remember our article on Park Circa, which enabled drivers to rent out their parking facilities when they weren’t in use. Now, taking that same concept to gardens, we’ve recently discovered UK-based Launched in April, the website invites homeowners to list their gardens as potential campsites for travelers passing through the local vicinity. Gardens are listed with along with a short description and details of facilities available such as showers, power points, wifi connectivity, barbecues and parking. Garden owners can also list what shops and public transport links there are nearby, list the dates their gardens are available to camp in, and specify how much it will cost one person to stay on site per night. Visitors searching for a campsite can then browse for gardens by location, or select an event they are planning to attend and browse for gardens nearby. Once a user has signed up free of charge to become part of the community, applications to stay at a garden can be made through the website. Reviews of gardens from other members can be read on the website, and each member can set up a profile for other users to see where they have stayed. No end in sight for the owner-less trend, and we expect to see plenty more examples of this rental model being applied to still untapped areas. If you’ve got facilities you think others would benefit from, why not open the doors and build a community of your own? (Related: Sustainable urban campground to be crowd-funded & managedIn exchange for mortgage payments, consumers’ homes painted with ads.) Spotted by: Penny Watson



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