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In Canada, project offers food discounts for tiffin box users

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The Tiffin Project is hoping to reduce the number of disposable containers used by the takeaway industry as well as support local farmers in Vancouver.

Packaging is one of the biggest environmental problems the food industry has to face up to, and we’ve already seen attempts to direct consumers away from unnecessary waste in the form of the packaging-free in.gredients grocery store. In Canada, The Tiffin Project is now offering takeaway customers discounts for taking part in its scheme to reduce the number of disposable containers used. In collaboration with restaurants offering takeout services in Vancouver, the team behind The Tiffin Project is providing consumers with round metal containers that they can purchase and use whenever they pick up a takeaway or want to keep leftovers from a sit-down meal. A portion of the profit made on each tiffin – CAD 4 – is then reinvested into the restaurant to allow it to afford higher quality foods from local producers. Consumers using the containers also get a discount on their bill, in the hope that diners will be encouraged to be more loyal to those restaurants making conscious eco-friendly choices and supporting local farmers. The tiffins come in two sizes – a 1.1-liter bowl container and a 1.75-liter partitioned container, both priced at CAD 25 when picked up at a participating restaurant or CAD 37 when delivered. With many restaurants going through hundreds of thousands of takeout containers each year and relying on delivery of stock from international suppliers, The Tiffin Project provides a way for businesses to go both green and local. One to try in your area? Spotted by: RP



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