Innovation That Matters

Canadian government rewards public servants for cost-cutting ideas


Companies have long recognized that the best ideas can come from those in the figurative trenches, since they’re the ones closest to the organization’s day-to-day operations. That’s a less common notion in government circles, but recently we spotted an example in the form of Canada’s new incentive program to reward public servants for their best budget-cutting ideas. Beginning this fall, the new Employee Innovation Program will offer cash awards to public service employees with creative and practical ideas that lead to tangible savings and improved services to citizens. Through the two-year pilot program, which is being implemented in eight departments of Canada’s federal government, individuals or teams will need to develop an approved plan to deliver a required service in a better way while reducing costs. They will then have an opportunity to put that plan into action. If an audit after six months can show real savings and improved service, then the employee(s) will be given 10 percent of the savings measured in the first year of implementation, up to a maximum of CAD 10,000. There’s nothing better than a win-win proposition—and never more so than when it’s effected in government. Other governments around the world—what are you waiting for? (Related: Contest chooses apps to help fight childhood obesitySite helps businesses reward consumers for positive actionsHelping citizens keep tabs on legislatorsRewarding consumers who drive less.) Spotted by: CTV via R.P.



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