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Seasonal cookbook is published three times a year

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Much the way New York’s Park Avenue seasonal restaurant is reborn every three months, so New Jersey-based Canal House‘s cookbook is published three times a year. Canal House Cooking aims to present “home cooking by home cooks for home cooks,” as it says on its site. Recipes included use ingredients found seasonally in most markets, and all are easy to prepare. Canal House Cooking Volume No. 4, Farm Markets & Gardens, is the fourth book of Canal House’s series of recipes and the latest one available. “Grilled leeks with romesco sauce,” “Grilled quail & fresh figs,” and “Patty Curtan’s famous apricot jam” are all among the seasonal offerings served up on this latest edition’s pages; up next will be editions for fall & holiday, winter and spring. Individual cookbooks are USD 19.95, while a yearlong subscription—including all three cookbooks in a year—costs USD 49.95. At a time when appreciation is increasing for all that is homegrown, seasonal and (still) made here, it makes good sense to adapt virtually all food-related offerings to nature’s rhythms. Such notions should already be standard for individual menu items, but most restaurants, cookbooks and gourmet stores could all stand to reflect more closely what each new season brings. (Related: 52 recipe contests to spawn crowdsourced cookbookMembers club for artisanal ice cream in Manhattan.) Spotted by: Bethany Bailly



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