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Car made from waste products dreams of working on land and sea


Inventor Kehinde Durojaiye has created a 'prototype' vehicle in his Lagos, Nigeria, using material from the city's trash dump.

Living in a city known for its traffic congestion, inventor Kehinde Durojaiye’s aero-amphibious jet car idea simply shows that there is a need for more eco-friendly solutions. Why not try to invent or dream of one? Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Durojaiye is dreaming of another transport option made from recycled materials.

The version that Durojaiye built is the fourth iteration of his idea. Each vehicle is made from materials that he commonly finds in Lagos’ large trash dump, including Styrofoam, wood and plastic. The car now includes an office chair and keyboard. Durojaiye claims that the vehicle has traveled 84 miles on road and it reaches six knots on water. Obviously we are not able to certify this claims and this might just be a dream, but it shows a strong desire to turn waste into something useful.

Citizens can no longer afford the environmental effects of wasteful consumption, a realization that is driving sustainability initiatives in a range of industries, from food to individual products and the entire shopping experience. In Sweden, one mall is dedicated to selling used and repurposed goods only. In the United States, an ice cream company known for its innovative, limited edition flavors is producing a series made entirely from food waste. What incentives would help steer individuals, families and entire communities towards more and more fully sustainable lifestyles?

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