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Car-straddling bus completes test drive in China


The Transit Elevated Bus straddles two lanes of traffic and runs on electricity, saving time, space and pollution.

The complexities of public transport allow for a myriad of improvements, from changing energy sources to sustainable alternatives, to radical designs like Sweden’s underwater floating tunnels. China’s latest transit development uses design to increase efficiency. Financed by Huaying Kailai, a Beijing-based peer-to-peer lending platform, the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) could help end China’s famous gridlock.

Running on electricity along rails placed next to the road, the two meter high bus straddles two lanes of traffic. Much excitement was generated when the bus completed its first test drive in Qinhuangdao. Since then, however, the bus and its management company have come under substantial scrutiny and criticism. Structural concerns have been raised about the vehicle’s weight bearing and cornering abilities, as well as the strength of its battery. Financial concerns center around the validity of the largest investor’s claims to have funding and contracts in place.

Whether or not this project goes ahead, what other public transport designs could come from the spark of this idea?

UPDATE: Since publication, it has been revealed the Qinhuangdao test drive was a publicity stunt, and there is no intention to take the project forward.



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