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Carbon offsets by sms


World Land Trust, which was founded in 1989 to preserve the world’s most ecologically important and threatened lands, recently created a new way for concerned citizens to help the earth. The foundation now offers carbon offsets by sms/text message. Every time a consumer texts “WLT CARBON” to number 87050 (within the UK), World Land Trust will offset 140 kilograms of CO2 through its Carbon Balanced Program. The program regenerates rainforest, which not only helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere, but also provides habitat for endangered species. 140 kg of carbon dioxide is equivalent to the emissions produced by 16 restaurant meals, a one-way flight from London to Berlin, or average use of a tumble dryer over 2 months. An offset message costs GBP 1.50 plus standard network charges. Users can create accounts that keep track of their sms donations. Like hybrid taxis or Donny Cards, this concept’s strength lies in making it easy for consumers to be good. One for other non-profits to copy and learn from! Spotted by: The Observer



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