Innovation That Matters

Cardboard packaging includes directions for turning it into something new

Dutch stroller manufacturer Joolz has printed instructions on the packaging of its products to encourage customers to turn the boxes into something new and useful.

Product packaging is a perennial problem for sustainability-minded manufacturers, and we’ve seen a variety of different approaches designed to minimize its environmental impact. Dutch baby stroller manufacturer Joolz, however, has come up with a particularly charming solution. Specifically, each cardboard box that encloses Joolz products now includes printed directions on how to turn it into a brand new item. “Every box – from the pushchair itself, but also from every accessory – can be made into a practical and beautiful product,” Joolz explained in its recent announcement, “from a lampshade to a bird house and from a picture frame to a chair.” Accordingly, instructions are now features inside the boxes themselves telling customers how to turn the cardboard packaging into something new and useful in its own right. Kids have long appreciated the infinite creative potential of a good cardboard box, but it’s high time grownups started seeing the possibilities as well. Manufacturers around the globe: one for inspiration!
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