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Cash back pour le team

Retail is a French service that offers its members cash back for purchases made online, as well as a percentage of purchases made by their team members. How it works: after signing up, members are given an email address. When they buy online from a partner store, they use this address and is able to track the amount of (extra) savings they’re entitled to. Members receive a cheque in the mail as soon they’ve accrued EUR 30 in credit. has over 200.000 members and works with 290 online stores, including big names like Apple, Amazon, Fnac, iTunes,, Le Redoute, Sephora, Skype, VirginMéga and Yoox. Savings offered range from 1% to 15%. The above is comparable to what similar services like FatWallet do. What makes stand apart, is that it lets members form teams. Every time a team member makes a purchase, a bonus percentage is allotted to the team. This innovative twist not only adds an element of fun, but encourages every member to get their friends and family to sign up for And more members means more shoppers means more commission for what is essentially a very clever way of cashing in on affiliate marketing. Cash back services like can be set up anywhere in the world, and will make their founders good money from the cuts they get from every purchase, especially if the team approach is used. Everyone wins! What’s not to like? 😉


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