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Graphic decals turn orthopedic casts into works of art

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If there’s anything less pleasant than breaking a bone, it’s having to stare at a drab, ugly and increasingly dirty cast over the weeks or months it takes for recovery. Enter Casttoo, a Colorado firm that makes tattoo-like decals to transform those unsightly orthopedic eyesores into graphic works of art. Available in a wide variety of original designs based on themes including fantastical creatures, tribal images, sports and holidays, Casttoo’s decals are crafted from an adhesive film that fuses with the plaster cast in seconds when blasted with a hot hairdryer. Prices range from USD 20 for a small design suitable for children’s wrist and arm casts to USD 40 for an extra-large design that fully covers an adult half-leg or full arm. International shipping is available, as are customized designs; consumers can even send Casttoo a digital file of their X-ray for conversion into an on-cast decal. Through a partnership with 3M, meanwhile, Casttoo offers “starter kits” for clinics and hospitals including customized logos and 100 decals in a variety of sizes. Whether it’s casts, cars, garage doors or parking lot walls, opportunities abound in bringing a splash of art and personalization to an otherwise unadorned part of life. Next up, we’d expect to see Casttoo allow customers to upload their own designs, beyond personal X-rays—and maybe even kick off a crowdsourcing effort whereby the best such customer-made creations are ultimately voted into production (with rewards, of course, for their creators). Spotted by: Debi Gordon



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