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A central platform for philanthropists to manage all of their giving

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PlanG enables users to donate to all of their charities from one platform, while tracking their impact and inspiring others along the way.

Americans spend USD 220 billion a year donating to charity, but managing donations to variety of non-profits can be a tricky task for philanthropists of any scale. By making it easier for givers to track and make donations, PlanG is hoping to encourage even more contributions in the future.

PlanG has a range of features designed to facilitate philanthropy. First, it enables users to track all of their charitable giving in one place, and then view a single tax report for that accumulated activity. Perhaps more interestingly, however, are the campaigns run through the platform in collaboration with major brands. For example, clothing manufacturer GAP recently ran a campaign offering “20 percent off” discounts on GAP purchases. Anyone who capitalized on the offer was then presented with the opportunity to donate half of that twenty percent towards a charity of their choosing. Such promotions benefit both the giver, the charity the giver choses, and the image of the business offering the promotion. According to a FastCompany report, a third of customers capitalized on the offer, signing up for PlanG in the process, with 96 percent of the donations going back to local charities.

PlanG also has a firm focus on collaboration. The platform makes it easy for users to share information about their donations online, in an effort to inspire others to do the same. There are also tools to set-up group fundraising projects, encouraging everyone involved to donate towards one cause.

PlanG itself is actually a for-profit company, with the company taking 4.95 percent of everything it processes. However, with the extra micro-donations the company believes it can generate for charity, it’s still the non-profits which stand to gain the most. Are there any other ways giving could be made more streamlined to encourage donations?



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