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Chair and table achieve Living Product Certification


Manufactured using only renewable energy, Humanscale’s table and chair achieved the world’s first full Living Product Challenge Certification.

Manufacture of Humanscale’s Diffrient Smart chair and Float table meets stringent standards for net positive operations. They include being powered by renewable energy and within the water balance of production locations. Full Living Product Certification entails meeting seven performance measures – Place; Water; Energy; Health and Happiness; Materials; Equity; and Beauty.

Set by the International Living Future Institute, the Living Product Challenge asks all designers and manufacturers to consider the environmental impact of their ideas. The Institute’s vision is a future of products and processes that are socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. Rather than focusing on reducing production footprints, the Challenge seeks to create positive change through handprints. Handprints are the constructive outcomes, long and short term, provided by each product.

No-waste production is an important design challenge, requiring innovative thinking about materials and processes. Ideas that are being tested include emergency aid drones meant to be dismantled and used completely, and disaster relief housing made from recyclable bio-plastic. Are the opportunities for creating handprints limitless?



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