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Chameleon solar panels for more cohesive rooftop designs

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Sistine Solar’s rooftop panels are designed to match house exteriors for more appealing installations.

Smart, elegant designs are making the widespread use of alternative energy more appealing, as we’ve seen with these bladeless wind turbines. The issue of aesthetics is what Sistine Solar is hoping to overcome, to get more homes installing solar panels.

Sistine Solar believes that many eco-conscious homes and businesses are put off by the ‘utilitarian’ aesthetics of classic solar panels, so they developed SolarSkin — panels that feature additional graphic designs that can complement roof exteriors. They can appear like red tiles, for example, or display logos and branding for businesses, while blending into building facades. Quotes are available on the Sistine Solar website, with rollouts scheduled for 2017.

How else can design-led approaches alter public perceptions of alternative energy?



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