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Online safety chatbot | Photo source Christina Morillo on Pexels

Chatbot for kids teaches online safety, reporting to parents

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Created by Swiss startup Privately, Oyoty helps young internet users learn about safety and privacy, providing parents with online progress reports.

Developed in partnership with child safety experts, Swiss startup Privately has soft launched its Oyoty app in the UK. Available for both iOS and Android, the app is downloaded onto a user’s phone and linked to his or her social media accounts. Parents can get involved in different ways, from checking the online dashboard for general reports on their child’s online activity to receiving the same alerts as their child when any potentially unsafe activity is detected.

The app works with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and uses relatable, casual language to discuss potentially risky online activity with the user. The chatbot asks children if they would like to fix a problem together, helping keep the individual active in their own online safety. Parents are alerted with specifics when an issue the bot flags as dangerous, such as an inappropriate selfie or language or sharing personal data, isn’t fixed by the child within three days.

Currently free in its trial form, the app will cost GBP 5 per month for a family of up to three children and will be available worldwide. From secure IRL trading zones to a private ridesharing community based on social networks, staying safe online is important for everyone. Where else is a tricky balance between privacy and security needed?



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