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Kid-to-kid toy app introduces children to the sharing economy


Kidstrade lets children exchange toys and games safely using mobile phones or tablets.

Sharing is something children all struggle with to some degree, and many have a hard time parting with their precious toys, even if they barely play with them. But a new app is introducing kids to the sharing economy by helping them and their parents exchange unloved or unused toys. Kidstrade is a Princeton-based startup run by parents, aiming to create an entertaining and educational experience for kids and adults alike.

The company’s tagline says users can make another child “the happiest kid in the world”, and taps into children’s urge to swap toys and gadgets. With the app, children can buy and sell toys, with the approval of a parent. The platform keeps trades within a select group of listed items at schools, and parents get the final say over the app — they can also veto trades if they need to. This keeps the experience safe, and avoids horror stories like a child accidentally overspending on the App Store.

Kidstrade offers ways for easy fundraising. Rather than running a charity sale out of the front yard, parents and children can start one month fundraisers that are showcased through the app, to raise money and donations for their local school.

We recently saw a mini crowdfunding site for kids that teaches them to save. How else can peer-to-peer platforms be adapted to kid-to-kid?



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