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Chinese startup wants to provide free internet for the entire world


LinkSure plans on launching 272 satellites by 2026 to provide internet worldwide

Spotted: China-based LinkSure has ambitious plans to provide free internet for the whole world. The company says it will invest 3 billion yuan (€ 383 million) in order to launch 272 satellites by 2026.

Dubbed the LinkSure Swarm Constellation System, the company aims to launch its first satellite this year and for the first 10 to be in orbit by the end of 2020. LinkSure also has the support of Chinese authorities, who recently promoted an article regarding LinkSure’s plans at the top of Weibo’s Hot Search section. The spot is designated for propaganda topics.

LinkSure has already created one of China’s most popular apps that provides free Wi-Fi access, but not without privacy concerns. Wi-Fi Master Key crowdsources Wi-Fi login information and allows users to join private networks. It has roughly 800 million users, according to




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