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ATM machines offer embedded charity with every withdrawal

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Helping consumers find a certain level of gratification in paying ATM fees, New York-based Choose Change ATM empowers ATM users to contribute a portion of their fees to support their favourite charitable causes. Launched in February, Choose Change ATM has developed a brand of ATMs that lets users donate USD 1 of each USD 2 transaction fee to a non-profit organization of their choice. Users select from a display of eight non-profits, supporting causes such as disaster aid, poverty relief and human rights. The ATMs are installed at no cost to retailers and Choose Change handles all of the maintenance and refills. Choose Change ATM provides a convenient way for consumers to support causes they are passionate about. It’s a shining example of the kind of embedded corporate generosity increasingly sought after by disillusioned consumers seeking brands that are more in tune with a spirit of giving. Choose Change ATM welcomes partnership enquiries from retailers and non-profit organizations. One worth emulating for socially conscious ATM users around the globe. (Related: Credit union gives people ten-dollar bills to give awayGrocer lets customers direct its community giving.) Spotted by: Victor Ma



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