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Laundry service via DHL

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A German laundry service has teamed up with DHL to offer convenient pick-up and delivery. After signing up with Cleenbox, members receive a starter pack consisting of a laundry bag, a plastic box, a manual and an address label. They fill the bag with dirty laundry—no colour separation required—put it in the box and arrange for pick-up (Monday through Saturday). Alternatively, they can drop the box at a post office. After 2 to 5 days, the clothes are returned clean, ironed and folded. Boxes come in three different sizes; the smallest one holds one smallish load of laundry, while a ‘megabox’ holds two larger loads. Payment works through a credits system, and prices depend on how many credits a customer buys in advance. One credit, or ‘Waschmarke’, pays for one box of laundry, including shipping. Based on advance purchase of 10 credits, prices range from EUR 19 for a small box to EUR 40 for a megabox. Shipment can be tracked online, and delivery addresses and dates can also be changed via Cleenbox’s website. Cleenbox is currently available in Germany and Austria—where it works with the Austrian postal service—and is planning to expand to other European countries. According to CEO Harry Hohoff, the service is targeting singles, families, internet-savvy seniors and SMBs. Busy consumers will continue to outsource household chores, especially if it’s convenient and affordable to do so. Which spells opportunities for service providers. Staying with the laundry theme, how about adding garment repairs, dry cleaning and alterations for a one-stop solution for clothing? (Related: Laundry service by the lockerPrivate banking by shoebox.) Spotted by: Aniel Sriram



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