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Customers in the Los Angeles area who feel unsure of their fashion sense, but aren’t quite indulgent enough to hire full-time personal stylists, might benefit from a session of ‘closet therapy’. Fashion consultant Barbra Horowitz can help clients makeover their existing wardrobes—discarding dated pieces, retooling old favorites, suggesting new purchases and help define a personal style. Similar to home organizers, customers get in-home consultations with an expert who can teach them the tools of the trade. Working closely with each client during an ‘in-closet’ session, Barbra ‘edits, purges and styles’ her client. She also offers advice for working with a seamstress to reinvent old pieces, selling items while they’re still hot and using that money to reinvest in new fashion must-haves. With personal fashion overhauls making the rounds on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, What Not to Wear and similar reality television shows, there’s a market for closet therapy in any metropolitan area where fashion ‘don’ts’ continue to stand out among the ‘do’s’. And targeting a niche—such as college grads heading out into real world, newly single adults getting back into the dating scene, or former at-home moms returning to the office could make for a nice start-up as well. Spotted by: Susanna Haynie



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