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Free clothes rental for fashionistas

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Clothes rental services have been around for some time now, often focusing on the short-term needs of new parents, dieters or those preparing for special occasions. A new Singapore company gearing up for launch, however, is setting its sights squarely on fashionistas and others who would rather not wear the same outfit twice. Representing yet another variation on the well-loved Netflix model, Closet Infinite is a service through which members can rent clothes for free in exchange for donating a fashion item of their own. Interested fashionistas begin by sending a photo of the item they’d like to donate, along with a description of its condition, where it was purchased and how much it cost. Upon acceptance and delivery to Closet Infinite, the item entitles them to 6 months’ worth of membership on the site and the chance to rent the donated clothes of others for free. At that point members simply browse Closet Infinite’s “library” and select the clothes they wish to rent. Clothes are then sent to them by mail within three days along with return packaging, and members are entitled to keep them for up to five days. Within Singapore, a per-item handling fee of SGD 6.50 includes packaging, postage and cleaning fees, while a deposit of SGD 30 is returned when the clothes are sent back. (International pricing will follow at a later stage.) Late charges of SGD 5 are assessed for each day the clothes are overdue. Closet Infinite will officially launch once it has built up its collection of clothes, the site says. Given the pace at which styles change, it’s no wonder more and more consumers are opting to be transumers instead, free from the expense and commitment of ownership. There’s bound to be plenty of demand for a service like this in every fashion-conscious corner of the globe—one to bring to clothes hounds near you? (Related: A social marketplace for clothes hounds.) Spotted by: Julia



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