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Clothes with inbuilt air conditioning

Sport & Fitness

VTT have developed a mass production method for microscopic channels that can be used to make temperature regulating wearables.

Researchers at the Technical Research Centre of Finland — VTT — have developed a mass production method for wearable air conditioning technology. The system — called Alykangas — consists of microscopic channels of plastic that can be integrated into garments, and pumped with hot or cold liquid, enabling the wearer to cool down or heat up.

While this technology is already available, VTT’s new mass production method will significantly lower previously high production costs and time. VTT envision the system being used in wearable technology, whereby temperature can be controlled with the user’s smartphone. The microscopic channels could also be used to store and transport perfume or small amounts of medicine.

We have already seen a number of garments that can adapt according to temperature — for example this inflatable jacket and a sensor-enabled sportswear. VTT are currently seeking research partners in the sports, cosmetics and wearable tech sectors. How else could the technology be used?



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