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Clothing brand asks its wearers to be kind

Nonprofit & Social Cause

It’s not unusual for a clothing brand to aim to be kind to the environment, such as by using sustainable materials, production methods and packaging, for example. A new line of clothing out of Northern Ireland, however, strives to inspire its wearers to be kind to others each time they wear its clothing. The brainchild of Cameron, a self-proclaimed 18-year-old “nutter” from Northern Ireland, ARK is short for Acts of Random Kindness, which is just what the brand hopes its clothes will inspire customers to perform. The company sells a line of logo-emblazoned shirts for men and women, and each time a customer wears one it asks that they do something kind for someone else. Cameron explains: “The idea—one ARK every time the clothing is worn. That’s it. Buy someone a coffee, give up your seat on the bus, help a drunk home. Any expensive ideas—send them my way, our profits could help.” ARK shirts are priced at GBP 28 each. In addition to spreading random acts of kindness, of course, ARK’s shirts will also no doubt prove to be conversation starters, providing wearers with status stories to share with family and friends. Green-minded consumers have eco-iconic fashions to tell the world what they’re about—finally there’s a status symbol for those who aim to be kind! 😉 Spotted by: Chris Cupples



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