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Smart mailbox

Cloud-based smart mailbox eliminates waiting for deliveries


Estonia-based Cleveron has launched the first mailbox of its kind, allowing recipients to access their parcels by scanning a QR code.

Waiting at home all day for a delivery to arrive is a common annoyance, but Estonia-based Cleveron’s new smart mailbox, SnapLocker, means it could be a thing of the past. The cloud-based mailbox, which claims to be the first of its kind, provides tenants living in LAEV’s smart house with a key-free solution for their letters and parcels. LAEV does not feature any traditional mailboxes, so all deliveries are made to the smart mailbox.

Smart mailboxes can be accessed by any courier who the tenants have given rights to. They choose a suitable sized slot for the parcel and once the drop-off is made, the tenant receives a notification for pick-up. They can then pick up their delivery by scanning a QR code on the locker using the connected app, which automatically opens the compartment holding their parcel or packet. Cleveron now has plans to expand its technology outside of Estonia, targeting the wider European and North American markets.

Streamlining human-based work to technology solutions is a popular innovation targeted by startups, with a robotic parking valet at an airport and drones delivering laboratory samples between hospitals are just some popular examples of this year. What common process would you like to see tackled by tech?




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