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Cloud based web filtering for schools

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Securly offers smart, cloud based internet monitoring for schools in the US who are legally obliged to protect their students from harm on the internet.

The internet can be a dangerous place but finding a balance between keeping a child safe and invading their privacy can be difficult for schools looking to monitor their students’ internet usage. In response to this problem, this US based startup has developed a product for parents that uses machine learning to monitor young kids’ interactions, discerning when they are in danger and when they are not. Now, Securly offers a similar service to schools.

In the US, thanks to the Childrens’ Internet Protection Act, schools that provide internet access to their students must use web filtering systems that blocks them from obscene or harmful online content. In response for to this regulation, San Jose based startup Securly offers a cloud-based web filtering system designed specifically for schools across the US. The system, that can be activated in a matter of minutes, plans to develop machine learning tools so that it can detect when a child is threatening or being threatened on the internet and alert parents directly. It currently offers reports via email that outline how kids are using the internet at school. However, it plans to introduce a portal where interested parents can access data on demand. As CEO and founder Vinay Mahadik explains however, the data available to parents will vary depending on the age of their child. So, more granular information will be available to parents of young children and a broader, less detailed picture will be accessible for parents with children from around 10, when they begin to understand and want privacy.

Securly sells directly to school districts at the moment. Could the product be developed for parents to buy directly?

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