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Work site divides large jobs into small, concurrent tasks

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Amazon’s Mechanical Turk has been around for a while, and in recent months it’s been joined in the crowdsourced labour arena by ShortTask, txteagle, Samasource, CrowdFlower and Fiverr, to name just a few. While similar to many of those, CloudCrowd aims to set itself apart by breaking large jobs into many small, concurrent tasks and emphasizing worker credibility. Billed as a “labour-as-a-service” crowdsourcing platform, San Francisco-based CloudCrowd strives to give companies and other work providers a way to get large, laborious projects completed more quickly and for a fraction of the price than they could be by salaried workers. Data entry and processing, image processing, internet research, product merchandising, and content creation and filtering are all among the services offered by CloudCrowd, which enables managers to pay for projects’ completion on a cost-per-action basis. Clients begin by submitting a work sample; from there, CloudCrowd figures out how to break the job down, distributes pieces to its crowd, gets results checked for accuracy and then returns a quote. Once approved, work is conducted 24/7, and completed micro-tasks start coming back within hours. For large projects like data entry and image review, the cost savings of CloudCrowd’s approach can be as high as 50 percent, it says. A proprietary credibility and review system, meanwhile, constantly evaluates the quality of each worker and weeds out the poor ones quickly. After launching last October, CloudCrowd’s labour pool had already hit 25,000 by March. Serving both consumers seeking to work flexibly for extra cash and companies looking for savings and quick turnaround, CloudCrowd could be another one to emulate—or at least try out on your next big project. Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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