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Co-pilot device helps new drivers improve their road safety


CarVi is an affordable smart device that enables new or nervous drivers to monitor and improve their driving habits.

One in five American teenagers is involved in an accident within their first year of driving, which is a frightening statistic for drivers and their parents alike. We have already seen apps such as RodeDog and Safety Sight which keep an eye on bad road habits such as texting while driving and speeding. Now, CarVi is a smart co-pilot aimed at new, elderly and nervous drivers, which monitors driving habits and provides real time warnings — helping drivers to improve their road safety.

Users attach the device to their windscreen along with a single lens video camera that they install on the dashboard. CarVi then synchs with the driver’s smartphone, gathers data and provides real time audible and visual hazard warnings to improve their road safety. The co-pilot device provides the driver with an extra set of eyes, monitoring their position on the road, warning them if they get too close to other drivers and helping them change lanes safely. It learns their driving patterns and records them, enabling the driver to monitor problem areas and see improvements through video footage and data reports on the CarVi app.

CarVi is currently crowdfunding on IndieGoGo, where early adopters can pre-order the kit at USD 299. It is expected to go on the market in August 2015, selling for USD 499. Could similar devices be installed as standard into new car models to improve general road safety?



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