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Coffee chariot caffeinates Copenhagen


A few weeks ago we wrote about Bikecaffe‘s coffee tricycles in the UK, and now another pedal-powered purveyor has been spotted on the streets of Copenhagen. Ole Skram has begun tempting the pedestrians and cyclists of Denmark’s capital city in recent weeks with the smell of freshly brewed coffee from his coffee “chariot”—an espresso machine mounted onto a three-wheeled carrier cycle with a specially designed frame. The machine can brew coffee for several hundred people, but Skram is keeping the details of its inner workings to himself. The “coffee-man,” as he’s become known, says the idea came to him as he was sipping coffee at his local café; soon thereafter he found a blacksmith who could construct a contraption for mounting the coffee maker onto his bike. “I think it has turned out very well,” he says. “It has spirit, flowers and charm, just the way I wanted it.” Skram and his chariot can be found around central Copenhagen as well as at Østerport station and planned events. We’ve seen Coffee 2.0’s ascension into Starbuckian ubiquity; relocalization through homegrown and fair trade retailers; mobilization through motorized coffee carts and now—the eco version—pedal-powered vendors in Denmark and the UK. Where will the next coffee chariot appear? You decide! 😉 Website: n/a Contact: +45 60 65 16 01 Spotted by: Lars Hedegaard Pedersen


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