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App enables live video direction across multiple mobile devices

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The ability to direct a live video shoot across multiple cameras in real-time has historically been a luxury reserved for professionally equipped directors. However, once again, app-based technology has turned a well-established norm on its head. Offering the same capability to anyone in possession of a smartphone or tablet, we recently came across CollabraCam. To use the app, between two and four iPhones, iPod Touches or iPads can be connected via wifi. The director of the shoot will then be able to view all the cameras’ streams on his or her device, and select which footage should be visible on the main video stream at any one given time. Cameras can also be put on standby in order to prepare them for the next shot, and the director can silently issue instructions such as pan and track movements to camera operators via a display on their screen. All the footage recorded by the camera operators is transferred to the director’s device automatically as the shoot is taking place, removing the need for lengthy memory card exchanges and footage downloads after a shoot has concluded, as well as freeing up space on the operators’ devices. A video demonstrates a prototype of the app in greater detail, and a sample video produced by the final version of the app can be seen here. Produced by US-based Apptopus, Inc, CollabraCam is currently available from the App Store at USD 9.99. Apps continue to make previously inaccessible technology available to the masses. Whilst some professionals may be dismissive or feel threatened by such offerings, there’s plenty to be gained by the public at large. And, of course, there’s plenty to be gained by those who create the technology in the first place — app creators everywhere, don’t miss out! (Related: Big-name movies and shows, now starring youHotel offers guests a free camcorder for the weekend.) Spotted by: Deanna Lawrence



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