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Combined fashion and music label delivers albums with t-shirt artwork

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UK company badDETT gives the subscription model a musical twist, promoting new artists with t-shirts containing links to MP3 files.

We’ve seen a recent wave of subscription services, with NOTANOTHERBILL, Hiskit, and The Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box all incorporating a surprise element into monthly deliveries. Now UK company badDETT gives this model a musical twist, by promoting new artists with t-shirts featuring album artwork and containing links to MP3 files. Record label and fashion label badDETT is the creation of a team of music producers, promoters and DJs. Users have to the option to sign up for three, six or twelve-month subscriptions, and receive a silk-screened t-shirt designed with the album artwork of a band or artist the first week of every month. The shirt’s inside label has a QR code for the album MP3 download, which can be read by a smartphone with a barcode scanner program, or using a webcam. Music is then downloaded as a zip file from the download page. A single t-shirt costs GBP 19.99, with a GBP 3.49 discount per shirt for those who subscribe. As we’ve seen with The Turntable Kitchen Box — which pairs music and food — there is a clear appetite for niche subscription packages, which begs the question, what other interests can be paired to give users a unique subscription experience? Spotted by: Jon Long



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